Recall Katie Valenzuela

For a Better Sacramento


Why Recall Valenzuela Before Her Term Ends in Dec. 2024?

  1. Homeless are suffering on the streets without immediate shelter, safety, drug addiction counseling, or mental health services. 200 homeless died on the streets last year, 100 from drug overdoses. Homeless women are being assaulted and raped.
  2. Crime is increasing in Sacramento (murders up 32% the highest in 16 years, shotings up 35%, robberies up 27%, assaults up 16%). Source
  3. Local businesses are closing due to the homeless encampments and crime, causing lost jobs, and lower city and county revenues that could be used to help solve this very problem.


Katie Valenzuela’s Inadequate Response: She says the city’s hands are tied; this is a county issue. Her own website states the homeless problem should be addressed by “increasing affordable housing stock” and enacting “rent stabilization and fair eviction policies” to combat the rising crime.

Valenzuela Does Not Propose a Serious, Viable Solution
This is why we believe recall is the only rational path forward. We need to get people in shelter now, not permanent housing someday way down the road. She has proven unwilling to tackle this problem.

We must stop the increase in open drug use and dealing, crime, and trash that follows poor managment by the City Council. Katie Valenuela isn’t solely responsible for every problem in Sacramento. But look at what Broadway has become in the two years since she has taken office — it’s her district and it’s horrible. Weekly shootings, fires, property damage … We can’t give her two more years to further destroy our neighborhood.
District 4 elected Valenzula and we are the only ones who can recall her. Our neighbors in the new District 4 are counting on us to avoid inheriting the mistake that was made!

For a Better Sacramento, A Committee to Recall Katie Valenzuela 2022
Mail petitions: 1809 S Street, Ste 101-132, Sacramento, CA 95811

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