The grounds for the recall are as follows:

Katie Valenzuela is failing to carry out her responsibilities on the Sacramento City Council. Our city is in trouble, yet she has turned her back on our urgent requests to address the growing problems of crime and lawlessness. She instead pursues policies that worsen our homelessness problem, while doing nothing to keep neighborhoods safe and clean. During her first year in office, she has defended homeless who break into vacant homes, located homeless encampments in residential neighborhoods against our wishes, and seen local crime increase 61%.

We understand that recalling an elected official should only be done as a last resort –– when they refuse to listen to the needs of their constituents, and when residents face an urgent threat. That time is now.

The problems of crime and homelessness are reaching crisis levels, and our next chance to change our city council representation is nearly three years away. Residents and businesses face an imminent threat to personal health and safety, as well as the destruction of private property, loss of personal and business income, and a real hit to the local economy.

Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela has given us no choice but to declare our intent to recall her from office.